Monday, October 8, 2007

Rundown of Events

Sept 8, 2001- Our first date

Feb 14, 2002- Valentines Day: Medieval Times in NJ

Aug 24, 2002- Crystal gets wisdom teeth pulled

Feb 14, 2003- Valentines Day: Broadway Musical 42nd Street

Mar 10, 2003- Crystal gets job at PGCC

Apr 27, 2003- Smithsonian Arts & Industries museum Indoor orchids & butterflies

May 13, 2003- ZZ Top Concert

Jun 9, 2003- Wiz officially changes name to Zachary G. Fewtrell

Jul 13, 2003- We go see Weird Al at Kings Dominion

Aug 29, 2003- Aunt Molly's wedding in Martha's Vineyard

Dec 20, 2003- CRYSTAL-MAS Dinner Party: invited KeyYong, Stefanie, Frank Golf, Colin and Akiko

May ?, 2004- Hung out at Chucky Cheese around closing time

May 27, 2004- Crystal graduates from Prince George's Community College

December 25, 2004- Christmas in Warren, VT with Richard and friend Jack and Audrey Mosely

May 5, 2005- Golfzilla with Brian Rinker, Andre Makeev & gf, Dan Wood.

June 7, 2005- Foreigner concert with Pete Becker and wife

June 15, 2005- Maryland Heights Hike

Jul 13-20, 2005- California Vacation: Aunt Bonnie and kids have dinner at Fisherman's Warf, Yosemite with Jimmy and family

Aug 12, 2005- Travel for Barbara and Frank's wedding. Visit Crystal's Korean and American relatives in Chicago and Michigan. Went to Body World exhibit with Tim and Janine.

Aug 13, 2005- Barbara and Frank Golf's wedding

Oct 31, 2005- Halloween at Carrie and Ryan's

Dec 30, 2005- Crystal's Birthday dinner at Todai with Mom, Dad, JeongHoi, Eunsun, and ChaYun

Feb 14, 2006- Dunes Manor Hotel/ Horses on Assateague Island

July 7, 2006- Crystal moves in with Zach in Wilson Towers Apts, Oxon Hill, MD

July 1, 2006- Harabogee's Hwangap (Dad's 60th birthday)

July 9, 2006- Lux Ray's Birthday Party

Aug 20-27, 2006- Mexico Vacation: Michael's family, Snorkeling, Fresh fish,
Dolphins, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Valladolid, got chased by deadly mosquitoes at dusk.

Dec 22, 2006- Went to see stage version of Cannibal the Musical at Landless Theater in D.C.

Dec 9, 2006 Amy (Cator) Finnal's Wedding

Feb 2-4, 2007- Valentines day & Dunes Manor, Ocean City, MD

Feb 10, 2007- Karaoke with Colin & Akiko

Mar 24, 2007- We are engaged!! Hiking trip in West Virginia

May 19, 2007- Crystal graduates from Bowie State with Bachelor of Science in Communications

Jun 16 2007, Zach's karaoke birthday celebration

July 2, 2007- Went to see Morrissey at Wolftrap with KeyHan, Tracy, Jessie and KeySun

July 29, 2007- New York Engagement Party

Aug 2-8, 2007- California Vacation: Wineries, Winchester, Redwoods, San Francisco Japanese Tea Gardens and China Town

Sept 8, 2007- Anniversary: Alexandria, VA Gadsby's Tavern and candle lit ghost walk

Oct 14, 2007- Greenbelt Homes Open House, Crystal meets chef Lou.

Oct 26-28, 2007- Crystal meets Tom's family for first time

Nov 10, 2007- Celebrate Stefanie's Graduation

Dec 1, 2007- Babysit nephew Jack with KeyYong

Dec 22, 2007- Christmas at Peg and Randy's

Dec 28, 2007- We're Married!

Dec 29, 2007 - Jan 5, 2008- Lune de Miel in Paris

Feb 22, 2008- Visit Tom in Cape Charles, VA