Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

Zach and I had such a great visit with family the past week! We attended the German family reunion, celebrated Madison's 1st birthday, celebrated a late Lunar New Year, and were able to enjoy a very fun baby shower thanks to the Lee girls. We got to visit Zach's work buddies at the National Harbor for lunch at McCormick's and Shmick's and my work friends Pam and Leslie in Bowie. We even made time to visit Harmonee at the Trinity Memorial Gardens in Waldorf. That evening we visited Tracy and Tom in Manassas. The next afternoon we were able to catch up with Stefanie at Topolinos before heading up to New York to see Zach's family. We had a baby dinner celebration at Zach's grandmother's place with his friend Bill Borbeau and his wife. We played a "name-that-babyfood" game and I won! The next day I spent with Zach's mom Mary Ann while the boys went to the Lemons car race together. Mary Ann and I had a great time chatting and taking Pumpkin to the off-leash dog park. Overall, we were suprised at how much we were able to do in such a short period of time but we were so grateful to have that time with family and friends after being away for nearly a year.

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