Monday, November 15, 2010

Michigan trip for Julia and Mommy

Julia and I made a trip alone to visit family in Michigan. The plane ride wasn't as bad as I expected but the connecting flights were a little too close for comfort. Try running with a 23lb baby attached to you for 20 minutes because your connecting flight is on the opposite end of the airport.We had a wonderful time visiting Harabogee and Grandma Lee, in addition to Madison and KeyIn. This was the first time since Julia's birth that she saw Como Harmonee SoonSung. Julia sprouted two molars while we were there and was able to find some relief and some nice cuddle time with Grandma Lee. She even woke up crying for "Imo!" one night. Later she had the opportunity to meet her maternal great Grandparents for the first time. It was a very sweet moment.
Harabogee decided we couldn't stay in Harrison for our entire visit and planned a fun trip to Tahquemenon Falls, which is a four hour drive north of Harrison. We made some good memories stopping at the Macinac Bridge for fudge and cashew brittle.


Madison's Mommy said...

I had soo much fun with you guys! I miss you two! Tell Wiz and muppet I miss them too! Love you guys! :-)

Beverly Lee said...

It was soooooooo wonderful having you and Julia visit!! Thanks, Zach, for sharing them with us! Love, G'ma Lee